JKPens - 20th century vintage fountain Pens & Pencils

JKPens - 20th Century vintage fountain pens & pencils


I've been collecting and repairing pens since 2004. It is not a long time in comparison with other collectors/specialists, but my experience and know-how grows from day to day.

I am particularly interested in Danish fountain pens and promotional advertising featuring Danish pens from the 20th century. Danish pens make the major part of my collection especially those which were produced by Chr. Olsen in Copenhagen: these have become almost an obsession. For that reason you will find in my database many brands such as Penol, Big Ben, Benco, Orion and, of course, Danish Parkers. Fundamentally I would like to know how large the Scandinavian pen manufacturing base was in the first 50 years of the 20th century. There is scant information on the Internet, so perhaps you could help.

I developed this site by myself and any kind of your feedback/suggestions are welcomed.


Many thanks to my colleagues and users of this site who have taken the time and trouble to alert me to errors in the texts and kindly corrected for me: to Paul S. (GB), Stephen B. (USA)
And finally never enough thanks to one who doesn't want to be named but he knows who he is and so do I.

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